Le Web, the most important digital european event of the year has ended, but it's interesting to read about the Social Media reach and number of mentions in the Tweetosphere especially, that were generated by LeWeb attendees. Karl Lagerfeld, Eric Schmidt and Sean Parker are the winners of leweb 2011. It's interesting to note that the overall social media mentions have increased by over 30% compared to 2010, while speakers mentions have increased by 300%. I understand that Social Media Usage has dramatically increased in 1 year, but geeks were already on Twitter et al last year, so what happened, were the speakers of much higher quality in 2011?

I couldn't tell you as this was my first time!

This year LeWeb will be livestreamed on 3 different channels: 
1. Plenary (main) conference stage including Eric Schmidt, Sean Parker, Karl L [...]

Credits: Le Web 2011 – 35 by chrisheuer