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French Online Marketer previously based in Sydney. Launched a Web Marketing Agency in Paris, SLAP digital where we help our clients to increase their traffic, the size of their membership databases as well as their revenues. Passionate about web marketing, I have previously launched my own website, a community for people in Long Distance Relationships.

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    LeWeb’11 – Social Media Mentions Analysis by Radian 6

    Le Web, the most important digital european event of the year has ended, but it's interesting to read about the Social Media reach and number of mentions in the Tweetosphere especially, that were generated by LeWeb attendees. Karl Lagerfeld, Eric Schmidt and Sean Parker are the winners of leweb 2011. It's interesting to note that the overall social media mentions have increased by over 30% compared to 2010, while speakers mentions have increased by 300%. I understand that Social Media Usage has dramatically increased in 1 year, but geeks were already on Twitter et al last year, so what happened, were the speakers of much higher quality in 2011?

    I couldn't tell you as this was my first time!

    This year LeWeb will be livestreamed on 3 different channels: 
    1. Plenary (main) conference stage including Eric Schmidt, Sean Parker, Karl L [...]

    Credits: Le Web 2011 – 35 by chrisheuer


    Google Adwords Qualified

    I never took the time to do this previously but I passed 2 Google Adwords exams this week end (Fundamentals – 98% and Adanced Search 92%) so I am now offficially Google Adwords Qualified!


    Google Analytics Qualified

    I have just renewed my Google Analytics qualification with 97%. Google Analytics Certificate


    Great Video – a life on Facebook

    Amazing video by Maxime Luère about the life of a man seen through his Facebook profile.

    Note: this video keeps being deleted due to copyright infringement (ABKCO doesn’t appreciate that this is exactly the type of viral videos that will drive the sales on their title…) so Let Me Google That For You.


    How to define your Mobile Strategy

    You know you need to be present on mobile phones, but you are overwhelmed by all the options and need to make sure that you maximise your ROI.

    Here is how I would go about defining a mobile strategy for a company:

    Detailed analysis of your industry, competition, audience.

    Like any project, it is essential to first understand who your audience is, how they interact with mobile phones and internet in general as well as what the competitive landscape is.

    • Who is your target audience?

    • What’s their mobile phone usage?

    • Who are your competitors?

    Assessment of what technology is appropriate for your project.

    Making the right technical choices can make or break a mobile venture. You not only need to think about current usage and technologies but also trends of what’s to come.

    • What’s your current IT architecture? What technology should you consider?

    • Do you need an application or a mobile site? • What should your application do?

    • Should you limit yourself to one handset?

    Development of a marketing strategy.

    Implementing the appropriate marketing strategy to complement the portal strategy is essential.

    • How mobile devices fit into the overall business strategy?

    • Should you charge for it? If so how much? Should you display ads? • What will make your application/site unique?

    • Integration of application and mobile web solutions

    • How your mobile presence will fit with broader strategic marketing objectives?

    • Integration into both above and below the line marketing activities

    • Where and how it should be promoted?

    • Expected ROI

    • What are the emerging market trends to consider?

    Answering this list of question will take some time, but will definitely be worth it long term. Now the next steps are to define a budget and find the right partners to make sure your project is delivered successfully.

    Have I missed anything? Please let me know.

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